15 Years For Billy Carter

Billy Carter, Plant Manager at Norwich Mortar Plant in Cluster 14, celebrated 15 years service with CEMEX on 7th January 2017.

Whilst this anniversary fell over the weekend Cluster Manager, Matthew Yaxley,  took advantage whilst presenting the Return To Work Training as a Cluster to announce Billy’s service within the training itself, whilst one of the video clips was discussing a Long Service Award!!

Billy was asked to the front of the venue and presented with his Service Award Letter by Matthew, and his colleagues all congratulated him on his achievement.  Matthew comments: “It was a great opportunity to do this whilst we were delivering the training to around 50 employees that the video was showing two employees discussing the Long Service of one of them and was an opportunity not to be missed.

The photograph shows myself (on the right) presenting Billy with his Letter in readiness to open on his anniversary and I would like to thank Billy for his hard work and commitment to the business over this time, and look forward to the next 15!!”