190 Years Of Service For Rugby Plant Employees!!

Rugby Plant would like to congratulate all their employees who received long service awards recently.

Pete Lloyd (Team Leader) and Ken Large (Operator/Maintainer) from Rugby’s Packing Plant, have both reached 40 years service, pictured in the photo.  Both started their CEMEX careers in the fitting shop at the old Rugby Works and transferred to the new plant when it was commissioned.  Ken is an expert gardener who has won Rugby in Bloom awards for his garden at home.  Not to be outdone Pete is an expert bar prop at his local! 

Carl Whyment, Mechanical Maintenance, also achieved 40 years service.  Carl worked in the mobile plant workshop at Rugby Works until he moved over to the new plant during the commissioning phase and is now a ‘senior’ member of the Maintenance Team.

Sean Leahy, Engineering & Maintenance Manager, celebrated his 25 years with a cruise with friends.  Sean started at Southam Works many years ago in the fitting shop and soon became a skilful member of the Team. Moving onto Rugby Plant during the commissioning phase, he is now running his own department.

Kevin Pargeter, Jamie Colledge and John Siviter have all reached 15 years.

Kevin had previously worked ‘down pit’ and also installed industrial refrigeration units.  Since joining CEMEX he has progressed to become Deputy Electrical Team Leader and is resident expert on environmental analysers on site.

Jamie joined as an Apprentice straight from school and is now a fully qualified, established member of the Mechanical Maintenance Team.  He enjoys travelling and has recently become a father (and grown an enormous, uncontrollable beard!).

John Siviter started with the company as an agency worker supporting the new plant’s documentation and played a key role in generation of the plant register which is a key document still used today. John has moved on to become a ‘marvellous’ Shift Manager.