40 Years for Andy Mills

Andy Mills (holding the cake!) reached a mighty 40 years with the company a few months ago, and he kindly sent us a few words on his career with us.  Congratulations to Andy and thank you from us all for your 40 years of dedication and hard work.

Andy continues, “I joined the Rugby Cement Sales Department in Crown House on 17th October 1977, just a few weeks prior to my 19th birthday and over the next fourteen years there I fulfilled various administrative roles. In 1991 I embarked upon what I look back on as a six year “tour of duty” working in Regional Sales Offices located at Southam, South Ferriby and Barrington works – the latter as Sales Office Manager.

Following this I moved into a customer facing role, first in Essex and East London before moving to my current home in Abingdon, Oxfordshire where I have been responsible for our customer base in Central Southern and South West England since 1998. Throughout this time I have been employed within our Cement division and from the beginning of 2017 I have also taken on the responsibility for sales of our Concrete Blocks and associated products as part of the newly created Distributors Team.

I gave much thought as how to invest my 40 years Long Service award before making the decision to upgrade my aging hi-fi system. Whilst I may not go on to achieve my 50 years award I currently have no plans to hang up my company car (although that’s not what I indicated to Graeme during my recent 1-2-1).”