A Day Out For Somercotes

On Saturday 14th July employees from Rail Solutions Plant in Somercotes and their families were invited on a works day out to Drayton Manor theme park.

The day began with most of the families meeting at the Plant where a coach was waiting – time was taken to catch a quick photograph with some of the families.

Terence Clair, Operations Manager commented: “It’s great that we work for a company that finds little days like this are still important to the morale of our employees – thank you CEMEX for allowing us to plan these days. I, for one, believe days of this nature are really important; it is a way of saying thank you to those that work for us each day but also, we are saying thank you to the family they leave each morning or evening to come to work.

The day was a great success and I really enjoyed meeting the families of my team to get the team out of our normal daily routine because you always find it allows for more open discussion about things that are not work related. I would like to thank you all that took the time to attend the Somercote’s day out.”