A Mammoth 40 Years For Kevin

Congratulations to Kevin Murch, UK Payroll & HR Systems Manager, who reached 40 years service on 1st October 2017. 

Kevin joined Rugby Cement as a part of the Technical Team based at Rugby Cement Plant and has enjoyed several different roles throughout his 40 years, including company secretarial, pensions and of course the payroll area.

In the photo Kevin is pictured receiving his Award from his fellow colleagues in the BSO who helped him to celebrate his achievement. The team were joined by colleagues, both past and present, which really demonstrates what a key member of the CEMEX team Kevin is.  In thanking everyone for joining him to celebrate, Kevin added that although he has seen many changes over the 40 years, the one thing that he has enjoyed throughout has been the people that he has worked with.

Many thanks for your service Kevin and we hope you enjoy your reward!