Best Of The Rest… Thanks For Your Effort Also To

Rebecca Corbett and Andy Wood, Weighbridge and Bristows Mixer Man, Aggs Dove Holes, for unexpectedly working a Saturday afternoon after a customer delayed a delivery.  Voices into Actions resizedBoth of them cancelled plans to make sure the customer got their material.

Matthew Challenger, Newport Plant Manager/Batcher.  Over the past few months Matt has shown great dedication and responsibility to the company by committing himself to numerous night work shifts whenever asked upon.

He has continuously received positive feedback from several sites regarding great customer service. Matt showed his commitment to the company by doing night work on Sunday morning for Dyer & Butler, then on Monday when the Cardiff Plant ran out of cement he stayed on until 7pm to finish the Studwelders pour at Eastern High School. That same night, whilst doing night work for Balfour Beatty, the Merthyr plant broke down and Matt was called at 12.30am to ask if he would go in to the Newport Plant and batch the required concrete to cover for the Merthyr Plant. Knowing that he had a screed delivery at 6am and a big 250m3 day ahead of him, Matt being Matt said ‘yes’ and opened the Plant and batched the concrete at around 2am. Matt then agreed to go in once again that night to finish the Balfour Beatty job as the Merthyr Plant was still down. Matt’s efforts effectively ‘saved the day’ for CEMEX in that 48 hour period and is a perfect example of his continuous commitment to the company.

Team Salford – Salford Asphalt Depot.  Over Salford site’s operating life it has been in the spotlight from the local residents group for noise and vibration. Over the last year Phil and the Team have worked hard to reduce the site’s impact on the local area, the Team have embraced the ideas from the RSPB and made urban habitats for birds and insects. Their hard work was rewarded at the Council Compliance Audit when they were given a gold medal for environmental improvement, and the site is now low risk.