Changes For Readymix Scotland

The following organisational changes are being made in Readymix Scotland:

Gerry McGovern, Business Manager Scotland and Allan Huggins, Regional Operations Manager, have decided to leave the company.  We thank Gerry and Allan for their support and contribution to CEMEX and wish them success in their new endeavours.

Alan Caird, Operations Area Manager, will become responsible for the Readymix plants and operations in East Scotland as well as those he is already responsible for in the West. Alan will report to Craig Williamson, Regional Director for Readymix Northern and Scotland and will receive day to day support from Andrew Toogood, Fleet and Operations Manager North West.

Graeme Whyte, Regional Commercial Development Manager and Martin Fellowes, temporary Customer Service Team Leader, will report to Craig Williamson.

As part of developing a stronger business in Scotland we are committed to ensuring that Readymix Scotland retains its identity as a separate and distinct business. The leaner organisational structure will allow us to progress more quickly towards our goal of making Readymix Scotland an OCF positive business. We believe that this approach is in the best long term interests of our Customers and Employees in Scotland.