Changes In Hotel And Conference Bookings

CEMEX UK has made a new arrangement for hotel rooms and conference bookings.

As of today, CEMEX UK employees will be able to send their requests to Infotel Solutions Ltd, a company specialising in travel bookings, who will make the arrangements on our behalf and assist throughout the process.

(booking page: https://www.findmeahotelroom.com/corporatelogon/cemex or through telephone –  see the attached user guide).*

Booking process in a nutshell:

 All employees have access to hotel bookings; nominated employees also have access to book conference venues.

  • There is no fee for booking or amending a booking.**
  • Each booking request is done via a bespoke portal, however where needed, telephone is also accepted.
  • Once a request is logged, an automatic notification is texted to the requestor and emailed to the Line Manager, who can either take no action (if happy with the request) or reply with comments.
  • Bookings can be requested for both national and international locations.
  • Once secured, bookings are confirmed in writing to the requestor. Infotel will liaise with the requestor and the hotel as needed throughout the whole process (including double checking the booking details with the hotel prior to guest arrival).
  • Infotel sends a consolidated invoice to CEMEX UK directly on a monthly basis. Line Manager approval is requested through a separate SAP workflow process following receipt of this consolidated invoice (the employee does not need to record anything in SAP for these bookings any more as the Line Manager will be notified of the bookings and all receipts via the new route).


* For those colleagues wishing to continue using Premier Inn, please contact Miruna Donnell in Procurement to have an account created with the hotel directly and linked to the master CEMEX account in order to enjoy room rates at online discounts of up 10% depending on location. Booking Premier Inn rooms is not possible through Infotel at the moment.

** CEMEX will be liable for any hotel specific charges where applicable (these will be passed on by Infotel at no additional administration fee): cancellations, physical room damage, etc. In a very small number of cases some bookings may incur an 8% surcharge due to the hotel’s operation model. Infotel will always provide options at no booking fee first. If a surcharge booking is still needed this will be processed after Infotel obtaining written Line Manager authorisation.

Advantages of the new booking process:

Time saving: no more need to search and compare venues directly, no more need to manage receipts and log this spend in SAP.

  • Personal benefits: CEMEX employees can also obtain preferential rates for private bookings as well as collect points for hotel chain reward cards for business and leisure stays.
  • Potential for an all-in-one future booking solution (if successful, we may add more travel type options such as flights, trains and taxis).
  • Better value for money overall.

If you have any questions, please contact Miruna Donnell (Procurement) or Tracey Cart (HR).