Engagement Up 12%!

As many of you will know the headline results from our 2015 Engagement Survey are now here, as shared at our roadshows (25-29 January). It is very pleasing to see the 12% improvement in our engagement index from 64% to 76%, and that 72% of our people completed the survey. Our results highlighted:

What people like:
– Our commitment to Health & Safety
– The actions we’ve put in place since the last survey
– Confidence in how we manage our business 



What people feel frustrated about:
– Internal communication could be better… we’re working on this
– Poor customer service experiences
– Customers’ frustrations quickly become our frustration because we care about solving customers’ problems

– Work – life balance

We need to understand more about why we are scoring low in these areas and so the next step will be for the business areas to arrange for sessions to take place to look in depth at these results – this will be an opportunity for you to work in collaboration with your Team members from your business area in order to discuss these issues.

We have developed “Voices into Actions” posters and these have been posted now to all our sites.  They summarise our UK national results. Following our action planning process there will be further ‘localised’ posters which will help to communicate what we are doing.

We will continue to work on being the best for employees across CEMEX UK and ensuring we continue to be the winning Team.