European Organisational Changes

As announced previously, CEMEX Europe has evolved to a new organisation structure beginning 1st October. The transition is moving forward accordingly, and on schedule to be completed before the year-end.

The document on Sharepoint:          https://cemex.sharepoint.com/:b:/s/cxgroupukcommspublicaffairs/EcDJYcFvb8hCiSXqhmYrXbsBDVj3hLDbvRZGrUCBmclJsw?e=Xbu5dO

describes the organisational structure and appointments of the direct reports of the functional area leaders. The final HR organisation will follow shortly.

These changes will be effective immediately.

We congratulate these executives and wish them success with their new responsibilities.

Once again, thank you all for your commitment and support during this transition. Please extend this message to others for whom it may be relevant.