Get Yammer-ing

Many of you may already be using Yammer on our new Microsoft 365.  If you aren’t it is the new Shift.  Think of it as a company wide discussion site. 

You can click on the Yammer symbol if you login to Microsoft online (www.microsoftonline.com) and join a group – much like in the old Shift.

Laurence Dagley has created a new community for UK Materials (Southern and Northern together).  In the search bar just type in UK Materials and join the group to get updates on posts and post your own news.

If you are already following the old Readymix or Aggs conversations in Yammer, just post new stories on the new materials community instead.

Be brave and post a comment or story…. share something with the group and post it, just like on Shift or Facebook – no one minds if you get it ‘wrong’ or an image is slightly too big or too small, just give it a go!

The best thing about 365 is it is accessible from any device; all you need is the internet and your log in details.