Have You Done The ‘Mobile Phones And Driving’ Training?

Many people including our Country President, Jesus Gonzalez, have now completed the mobile phone training, have you?  It only takes half an hour.

Voices into Actions resizedWith so many of us now reliant on our mobile phones it’s important to understand the real dangers of using them whilst driving.

If you have not had the opportunity to complete it yet then please do.  This is an important piece of safety training.  It’s easy to complete on line either through your work computer or home devises via this link:

Direct access to this course is via the following link:


You can also access Saba Cloud via the ‘Learn and Grow’ link in Shift Services:


Shift User Guide resized 1Please ensure you log in and complete this vital training to help us achieve Zero Harm


If you have any problems accessing the course please contact the GSC on 0800 783 1603 
or 5555 from selected CEMEX locations, or send an email to gsc.europe@cemex.com