Important – Employee Engagement Survey – 16th-30th October – Have Your Say!

Our Engagement Survey runs between 16th and 30th October and I would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete the Survey. Those with CEMEX email addresses will receive a link from our third party consultant, Kenexa, to complete it. People without CEMEX email addresses will receive a paper survey from their Manager.

The Survey is completely confidential and I encourage you to give your honest feedback.

There are 45 questions plus 2 open questions for comments – it will take between 15 & 20 minutes to complete. The scoring is on a six point scale as follows – 1 – Strongly Disagree; 2 – Disagree; 3 – Neither Agree nor Disagree; 4 – Agree; 5 – Strongly Agree; 6 – Not Applicable – please  choose carefully when responding.

If you select ‘3’ it is very difficult to identify engagement frustrations and engagement factors, as no real opinion is expressed. It is more helpful when a clear opinion is stated, and actions can be taken to improve. We encourage people to select 1, 2, 4 or 5 for this reason, and be careful regarding 6 (non applicable) – please double-check whether something really does not apply to you before scoring 6.

Here is some clarification on the meaning of phrases in the questions –

CEMEX refers to the company and to all business units where we operate (global perspective).

My immediate supervisor/Manager refers to the person to whom you directly report.

Company refers to the ‘Business Unit’ (country) where you work.

Business Unit Leadership refers to Country President/Directors and their direct reports (Vice Presidents and Directors).

Department/Area refers to the functional area in which you work.

A customer refers to the people who you directly provide services or support. They can be internal and/or external customers.

When answering, please think of your own personal experience at CEMEX, working at your site, with your team and with your Supervisors and Managers.

I hope you are up to date with all the “Voices Into Actions” improvements which have been made through talking with your Line Manager, reading weekly UK News bulletins online; reading CEMEXPRESS editions at your home; following your business Shift communities; attending our annual Roadshows; participating in local team meetings.

Please make a note of the survey dates and make the most of your opportunity to HAVE YOUR SAY on Engagement.