International Women’s Day

To celebrate and promote International Women’s Day on March 8th CEMEX UK has produced some short video’s profiling women in our business.  Our industry is traditionally male dominated and it is good to show that there are women in our business and hopefully encourage more women to think of it as a career.

The videos are of Lauren Nugent (quarry manager), Emily Luff (apprentice) Karen Hearnshaw (project planner) and Josie Higgins (technical administrator). Here is the link for you to have a look: https://youtu.be/rO-tg-sBbqY

We’ve also got some quotes and testimonies from female Directors in our business: Clare Pickering, Business Performance Director (left of pic), and Emma Needham, Business Planning Director (right of pic) to share and encourage more women to pursue careers with us:

Clare: “You should always try to be yourself and let your talent shine through. In CEMEX we strive to be the best and for that we need the best teams, the best people, there is no question of gender.”

Emma: “Every woman has to find what works best for her when juggling family, work and social life.  That’s the same for everyone.  When starting out on a career, prioritise what you need to do to make your chosen path happen.”