Introducing Working Smarter

Working Smarter has been designed to help us successfully achieve our goals and objectives.

There are four core elements that will drive the changes we need to make to ensure our company is the most successful it can be going forwards.  Working smarter will look at all the new adaptations we have had to make to the way we work over the COVID period, and our current practises and pull out the best of what we do.  It will look at technology and innovation to create the next generation of shared services.

There have been so many advances in digital technology which CEMEX has to take advantage of to help you do your jobs better and create an organisation fit for the future.

Here’s what each building blocks of Working Smarter, stand for:

  • CEMEX People – Our people are the driving force behind our resilience, willingness to adapt, and our performance. Our people strive to offer our customers a superior experience every time they interact with CEMEX.
  • Customers – At the centre of our strategies, their needs and wants to drive our business plans in order to continue being a trustworthy chosen partner.
  • Digitalisation – Our digital transformation journey continues finding new technology to have consistent data and integrate processes. The more digital we become, the easier it becomes to work as One CEMEX, maintain the same top-quality standards across our operations, and work together in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Process Automation – We need to keep reducing repetitive daily tasks to allow us to focus on strategic activities and improve our response time, ensure accuracy, and minimise errors.

Please see a link here to a short Working Smarter Introduction video link –


…and a link here to Working Smarter Frequently Asked Questions