Ivan The IHC…

Ivan Worth joined the IHC School this week as part of Cluster 16, with a view to taking on his own truck based out of Coventry Plant.  Matt Doran, Sales Rep, welcomed Ivan to CEMEX UK with the following blog on Shift.

“Ivan has spent the better part of his working life driving HGVs; his most recent job was delivering for JD Wetherspoons. Clearly being around all that alcohol went to his head so he decided to become an IHC instead (ha ha).

Ivan has spent the past 2 weeks out on the road with a number of IHCs across Cluster 16, getting a feel for the industry and all that CEMEX has to offer. With 4 x 340m pours booked for Twintec out of Coventry next week, this addition to the fleet could not have come at a better time.

We finally let him loose on his own today and here he is on his first load (of many) for CEMEX. He is helping to pour a small slab for a substation at a new Solar Farm in Atherstone (BUILDING A GREATER BRITAIN!). Welcome to the Team Ivan.”