James Reflects On 15 Years Of Law With CEMEX…

James Harrison, Property Solicitor and lawyer for CEMEX, celebrated his 15 year service award recently and reflects on his time with us.

“It hardly seems possible that it is 15 years ago on 1st October 2001 that I joined RMC (UK) Limited as a 5 year qualified solicitor from a small private practice firm based near the British Museum in London.  Thorpe provided a beautiful setting which made me feel I had landed the dream job with no commuting into town either!

In addition to dealing with sales of surplus non operational land and lease management work, I was taught all about mines and minerals and the specialist knowledge needed for mineral leases (which was completely new to me). As well as learning the “dry” stuff about mines and minerals law, I spent time visiting sites around the country to get the flavour of a working Quarry, a Readymix Plant and a Cement Plant.  I continue to enjoy doing this today.

Although times have changed since those early days, the wide variety of property work over the years has been unabated. Here is a flavour of the projects I get involved in; acquisitions of an extension to a Quarry from conception right through to securing mineral rights; selling surplus non-operational land be it for uses such as housing or charity transfers; all kinds of lease management work to ensure our businesses are given a secure legal basis – larger, more recent projects include the lease at Malpass Farm to Sita and the railway leases at Washwood Heath.

I enjoy the variety of projects and seeing them through, I also work with a great team and also value the connections that I have made within the wider CEMEX business.  I hope to continue providing quick and appropriate legal advice where needed – without being sidetracked into unnecessary legal jargon!”