JUSTCi Movie Provides Training For All

This month the Aggs Team, led by Craig Hooper,  have launched another ‘Ci For All’ training programme which will target some of the key tools they are using within JUSTCi, our Continuous Improvement Programme.

All of the training will be presented in movie format so that it can be communicated in a consistent manner on each Aggs site through the Digital Display Screens.

The second film covers “5S” which involves transforming our workplaces into high performance areas where it is very easy to spot when things are wrong or out of place, and also easy to find things very quickly when they are needed.  The programme follows a 5 Step process hence being called “5S” which stands for SORT, SET, SHINE, STANDARDISE and SUSTAIN.

Special thanks to all of the Ci Champions throughout the UK (Lauren Nugent, Darren Eversedge, Vanessa Smithson, Steve Coles, James Brown and Terry Gent) in providing all of the material to create the film and Jodie Hopkins for the narration, Mark Beagrie for the script, and Ashish Dogra for producing the film.

There is a Shift link on the Aggs Community home page which can be used to download the training film.