Life at CEMEX – what do you think? Fill in an Engagement Survey to have your say

This week saw the launch of our employee engagement survey.  The process is completely anonymous and takes about 20 minutes. The information is used to see how we are doing in terms of your engagement with CEMEX.

The survey has been sent to you either by email or paper.  All the results will be consolidated provided they are returned on time.  Your response needs to be in by the 18th September 2015 for it to count.

Jesus Gonzalez commented in a message to all employees: “I personally take the results very seriously and I hope that you have seen improvements to our work environment over recent years following the feedback you gave us last time round.  Many of the steps we have taken have been captured in the “Voices into action Posters” so please take a look at these and also the latest CEMExpress sent to your home.

All the new steps that we take to improve life at CEMEX are as a result of the feedback you give us and I want to say thank you for that.

As you can imagine we cannot tackle all the areas of improvement at once. Therefore I need your support to help me prioritise what we work on first. To help with this please avoid using the response “Neither Agree or Disagree” if you can, because this answer does not give me a clear direction on how you feel about a particular issue.

I’m very happy to confirm that we will make a £1 per survey donation to charity for every survey response (we will split this between Help for Heroes, RSPB and NSPCC) as a thank you for making your voice heard.

Naturally when we have the results we will communicate again and take the next positive step in making CEMEX the company we all want it to be.”