Martin’s Been ‘A Man With A Vann’ For 40 Years….

Martin Vanns has been with CEMEX for 40 years and is part of the Maintenance Team for Central Region.  He has the right name for the job – being with his van helping keep Central region running smoothly.

We asked Martin what the biggest changes have been over his 40 years in the business:

“The biggest change I have seen in my 40 years is the huge improvement in Health and Safety within CEMEX. I can remember the times when we didn’t get things such as gloves and eye protection, these days we get every piece of PPE we need and we have always got the training we have needed to do our job safely and well.

Another area which has greatly improved is the way CEMEX have supported health issues. We get regular health checks and our levels of exposure to things like vibration, noise and dust are monitored, and exposures are kept to a minimum level.

I have enjoyed working for CEMEX. I have made many friends and acquaintances over the years and have felt part of a bigger Team. I feel that my work as a Maintenance Fitter (and when I was employed as an Operations Supervisor for 16 years) has helped the company to be successful.”

A huge thank you to Martin for his years of service and contribution to the company and congratulations on reaching this momentous milestone.