More Thanks For Your Effort Heroes

It’s not just Lee who has been fantastic in October, here are some more stories of our talented and dedicated colleaguesLuke Tyghe, David Davies, Ian Tyghe, Jim McLarney, Paul Taaffe, Lee Hopkins, Robert Duck, Robert Chappell, Ian Wade, Robert Mitchell and Phil Repton all from the Salford Asphalt team.  There was an issue with the conveyor belt on the depot and 22t of aggregate was deposited in the transfer tower.  The next train was due in four hours; there was a choice to cancel the train and let the customers down and incur extra costs for CEMEX but for the team at Salford this wasn’t an option.

Phil gathered his lads together and they started the challenge of shoveling out the aggregate.  At the half way point all the staff were struggling so Phil decided to get some speakers and play music to motivate the staff.  The Plant staff worked extremely hard and amazingly managed to get the aggregate removed in time.

This is over and beyond what was expected as a lot of people would have given up half way through as shoveling 22t is not easy.

Paul Richards, Environmental Manager.  Paul helped simplify the LMS training record sheet for Cluster 7 team to save time and effort.  It is a simple dropdown box of employee names which automatically populates their user name and employee number. This could save everyone time if rolled out nationally.

David Sands, Plant Supervisor East Kilbride RMX Plant.  When the RMS computer batching system went down nationally on the 28.09.2016 preventing any RMX Plants in the UK from batching David single-handedly worked out a temporary work around to keep the Plants working and producing concrete for our customers. This was passed to the Scotland Shipping Office who then informed the rest of the UK.

Noel Dixon, Anthony Connolly and Emma Howell, the RMX Raw Materials team.  During the last few weeks SAP has experienced many issues.  Plants have had to batch off and some have found it very challenging and many shippers have required increased help.  However, Noel Dixon, Anthony Connolly and Emma Howell have worked very hard to make sure the pain was minimised. Every time they were asked for advice either proactively or reactivley to a situation they have been very approachable and willing to help. This was a nightmare situation and the RMX team have worked through it with the help of these three people who deserve special thanks.                                                                                                                     

Sarah Hawker, Shipper for RMX Cluster 20. Sarah has gone over and above over the last few weeks for both CEMEX and its customers. Through the SAP upgrade she worked so hard and contended with some really difficult customers with professionalism and honesty. She managed to win back a job in Ascot, which we had lost as we couldn’t deliver for three days, by keeping the customer updated on our issues and chasing him when we were back up and running.