More Thanks For Your Effort Heroes

Whilst Khai has won the vouchers several others have shown amazing efforts this month at work and we want to recognise their contribution here.  Thank you to everyone who works tirelessly to make CEMEX UK a successful company and a better place to work.

Thank you to:

Graham Cotes, IHC Readymix Northern, Leeds.  Graham often goes above and beyond helping the team at Leeds. He primes the pump first thing in the morning; he cleans the linke on the recycled water system to prevent blockage and passes information on to other drivers; he cleans the yard down and is seen as an honorary yard man! Graham is generally a happy driver and is great for staff morale on site.

Kevin Hill, Allan Whyte, and William Stokes, Quarry Team, Aggs Scotland.  For organising the first wellbeing challenge in CEMEX, Scotland.  They arranged a climb to the top of a 2,800ft hill.  The three of them are showing great enthusiasm towards the wellbeing project and all their colleagues will benefit!

David Chisholm, Jane Ann Manson, Simeon Winston, Christopher Fairlie, Kirsteen Boyd, Allan Williamson and Steven Rae, Weighbridge Team in Aggs Scotland. For their willingness and determination to get the new Order Fulfillment system working properly after a stressful transition, and for ensuring that customers and contractors are getting the best service we can deliver.

Edward Castleton and Judith Lee.  Whose quick actions possibly saved a contractor’s life.  The contractor was working on a piece of lab equipment.  During his work he was distracted and forgot that he had re-energised the equipment to test run it and started to work on it again at which point he received an electric shock from a 415V circuit.  Ed and Judith were close by when the electric shock was delivered and they acted quickly to safely turn off the electricity and to summon first aid.

Mick Slater, Emmanuel Logosu, Andy Selkirk, Kev Toughey, Adrian Balby, Plant Supervisor and IHCs Readymix Sheffield.  For great team work and customer service.   A metal plate had fallen into the 10mm bin and the only way to get it out was to empty the bin. All the drivers jumped in to action to help empty 40 tonne of 10mm into their trucks and the fitter was able to remove the plate. There was very little down time and the customer didn’t realise there had been a problem.