New Employee App On The Way

As of 13th April 2018, the CXME App on our smartphones will no longer operate. It was decided to terminate the use of this App for two reasons

  1. Our partner who developed the App wanted an unreasonable price increase and a long-term contract which we could not commit to.
  1. There is a new CEMEX Employee App called CEMEX Today which will be ready later this year, developed by our CEMEX global Corporate Communications Team.

The new solution is a ONE CEMEX tool which will be available to all employees within our business, it has been developed in-house to our specifications, and there is no cost to us. The functionality of CEMEX Today is not identical to CXME, but as with all our new digital solutions it is just a first version and will be enhanced with future versions.

Our CXME App has served us well in the last two years, and helped to lead the way for a CEMEX-owned internal employee app solution.

When we have a confirmed launch date of CEMEX Today the Communications Team will send the update and instructions on how to download it.