Office Security

Over the next weeks and months colleagues across the European Business Unit will notice a variety of poster campaigns and connected messages aimed at increasing our office security and staff awareness of related issues.

In the UK walk-in opportunist theft remains a prevalent crime and one which we can all play our part in preventing offences on CEMEX property.

Simple preventative measures for office-based staff include:

  • Always wear your ID badge whilst on CEMEX property.
  • Do not allow people you do not recognise to tailgate through security-controlled doors.
  • Politely challenge people you do not recognise who are not wearing a staff ID or CEMEX Visitors Pass.
  • If you are challenged for your ID, please thank your colleague for stepping in and thinking of our collective security.
  • Upon leaving the building, remove your ID and do not wear it in public.
  • CEMEX visitors should be appropriately inducted, signed in and accompanied throughout their visit to CEMEX offices. Please do not leave visitors unaccompanied with potential access to sensitive records and documentation.
  • Keep your desk as free as possible of confidential or sensitive documentation. If possible, lock printed material away and when no longer required use the secure shredding bins provided.
  • Do not leave your computer unlocked whilst unattended. Keep passwords safe and comply with the CEMEX Information Security Policy.
  • After meetings, scan the room and ensure no confidential notes or agenda records are left behind.
  • Do not leave confidential material on the printer. (In a recent exercise at Rugby HQ printed material of various quantities were left unattended at the printers on all but two of the floors). Please collect your printing promptly.