Offshore But Not Off-Line…

CEMEX UK Marine has recently introduced WiFi and Satellite TV as a trial on some of their vessels.This is as a direct result of Engagement Survey feedback from the crews and a fantastic example of turning your Voices into Actions.

Voices into Actions resizedLaurence Dagley, Director Marine Aggregates, commented: “For some years crews have been requesting WiFi and Satellite TV to help them keep in touch with friends and family and improve entertainment facilities in the mess areas. The feedback from our Engagement Surveys has been that this would help improve morale during the three weeks our crews spend away from their loved ones.

Introducing these technologies within the marine environment can be complicated, but working together with our employees we have developed cost effective solutions. So far we have installed Satellite TV on the Sand Fulmar and 4G WiFi on the Sand Falcon as a trial. Early feedback from our crews has been great, so we will be looking to roll out the same technology across the rest of our fleet in the coming months.”

It’s not as simple as it sounds to put WiFi in to a moving steel walled vessel but the tenacity of the crews and Mark Williams, Fleet Engineering Manager, made it happen. There was no ‘off the shelf’ solution to buy so our techie guys worked with our IT contractor and designed the tech themselves to try out in the Sand Falcon. The trial has proved successful and will be enhanced in the remainder of the fleet to provide even greater coverage.

To reduce the costs the SAT TV installation throughout the vessel was undertaken by the ship’s staff and is a testament to their technical capability.

Well done and we hope that you enjoy reading UK News on line now!!