Ray’s Busmans Holiday!! Mexico CEMEX Style….

Whist on holiday in Mexico Ray Darby visited a CEMEX Plant in Playa Del Carmen! 

His wife takes up the story:

rays Mexico 2015 294 resized“We were on our way home in a taxi to the airport and we asked the driver if he would stop for a minute to take a photo of the Plant.  There were security guards at the entrance and they gave us permission to enter the site (after signing in and being kitted out with safety helmets and high viz vests).  The guard let us take some photos and then said that the Manager of the Plant wanted to meet us. We were introduced to Rolando Lugo Aguilaro and his staff in the office. He made us very welcome and told us all about the Plant (and even posed for a photo!).

He was so kind and friendly.  It was a pleasure to meet him and his staff, and very interesting. Ray has since emailed him to thank him for his hospitality.

I mentioned to Ray about the difference in their safety wear as they didn’t seem to be as up-to-date as England. One of the drivers wore denim jeans, a blue shirt, and ordinary sunglasses! (He did have a safety helmet though!!).

Ray was so thrilled to have visited the Plant – it finished the holiday off nicely! We never imagined we would actually be invited on to the site, we only thought we would be taking one photo from the roadside.”