Rugby Town, Rugby Cement and Rugby the Game – Wayne Couldn’t Get More Rugby…

Wayne Morgan is one of our Packing Plant Team Leaders at our Rugby Plant.  He and his family are Rugby mad and have been for a few generations.  In the run up to the World Cup, O2 were seeking to find 100 individuals from across the country to update social media sites about England Rugby – these 100 were called the Rose Army – Wayne’s son, Kurt, put himself forward and was chosen as one of the hundred.

O2 then asked for a family to volunteer to be filmed for a short film about supporting England. The family needed to be from a Rugby playing background and also be fanatical about the England rugby team.  The Morgan family was a perfect fit!  They were lucky enough to be chosen.

For starters they were from the home of the game and also had a history of playing for Rugby Lions. Wayne’s Great Uncle played for Rugby Lions, his Dad (Colin) managed there, Wayne played there and now his son Kurt is Captain of the 2nd Team there.

A film crew came to his Mother’s house and filmed them for around 6 hrs. The following week they took all of the family to England v Ireland at Twickenham.  The final video is on YouTube and is called ‘In the blood – the power of support’  https://youtu.be/Wwo_j4CTMkQ

Shame England are no longer in the running….