Running A Wharf And Opening A New Quarry…

These are just two of the things that our Technical Development Programme team learned about last week! voices into action logo-resizedEmily Moon, Jack Tipper, Sean O’Donnell, Jamie Deere and Luke Topp made visits to Leamouth Wharf and Datchet Quarry for their Aggregates module on the Technical Development Programme.

Luke comments: “On Tuesday we saw Leamouth Wharf. It was interesting to learn of the diversity of challenges that a wharf faces. Challenges varying from the dredging of munitions to the lack of storage space in what is comparatively a small site. Thank you to Mark Mitchelmore and Peter Lamb for our tour and training.

On Wednesday we then had the opportunity to visit the new Quarry at Datchet. Once again we learnt more about the Aggregates business from a new perspective ie, issues surrounding the opening of a new Quarry, work required with the community, start-up costs and planning permission. Thanks go to Martin Gardener and Alfredo Hernandez for our tour and training.

These visits are particularly useful to us as we each have projects where an analysis on Aggregates in some form will need to be undertaken.”