September Thanks for Your Effort Nominations…

Well done to everyone who was nominated in September – there were a bumper 11 nominees.If you know anyone who has gone over and above the ‘call of duty’ and is an unsung hero, please nominate them for the monthly prize draw.  Elizabeth Burns in HR is the contact, or fill in a form which you can find on the download section of the UK News website.

Thank you to this month’s nominees for making CEMEX a great place to work:

Graham Coates – IHC, RMX Leeds Plant Cluster 7 – for pointing out a dangerous skip on site and getting it changed before someone was hurt.

Kenneth McAlpine – Unit Manager Asphalt, Gartshore – for going to a site late at night over 50 miles away to make sure it was secure after a trespasser had been injured.

Jason Barker – Asphalt Operations Manager – who put together and led asphalt training at all the customer service centres for all planning staff.

Chris Gregory – Assistant Quarry Manager, Poole Wharf – due to personnel changes Chris has been lone working for several weeks.  He has single handedly kept the highest safety standards and maintained supply to all customers.  His collaboration has been outstanding and his manner has been exceptional.

Thomas Henley – Shipper, Readymix – Tom has kept a cool head and customers and staff informed at all times during an exceptionally busy and stressful period.  He has made a massive difference to the area and kept everyone safe at all times.

Phil Constable, Stuart Wood, Keren Castle – Commercial Aggs Team, Aggs – nominated by Sean McGinty for offering continued support to him during his first year out in the field and being available to guide and assist him where he needed it.

Cement Customer Services and Cement Commercial Team – a delay in the Rugby Cement Plant returning from shutdown meant that these Teams had to step-in to deal with backlog of orders and a 10-fold increase in orders at the same time.  They dealt with the calls and orders magnificently keeping the disruption to the customer to a minimum.

Andrew Bradley, Lee Millington, Mark Fuller – Readymix Northern – their fast and professional behaviour meant that damage to the Plant during a small fire was minimised.  They had to dig over six tons of material out of the mixer at the end of the fire which took them past midnight, but saved the mixer becoming clogged and minimised downtime at the Plant.

Callum McPhillips – Commercial Haulage Capacity Manager for Logistics Northern – Callum successfully led the planning and organization of the Aggs, Asphalt, Marine and Logistics Health & Safety stand down day. His collaboration and leadership were exceptional.

Matthew Wotton – Plant Manager, Readymix High Wycombe – his diligence meant that he spotted the wrong mix had been sent to a customer from another Plant, he straight away rang the relevant people to sort it out.

Thank you to all of those who were nominated.  Keep the nominations coming in for October….