Some more fantastic people…….

We know that we work with some great people in CEMEX UK.  Thanks for your effort is one way of showing our thanks and respect to all those who go over and above their normal work to help keep our business flourishing. Here are this month’s fabulous nominees:

Steve Haige and Brett Haige, from Asphalts, Stourton Coating Plant  – When Selby plant had a breakdown Steve and Brett both volunteered to cover by working a night shift straight after their day shift to cover the work.  After they had had a break and something to eat at home, they came straight back to maintain our business and keep the customers happy.

Graeme Dunlop – Ready Fleet Planner Cluster 3,  –  At the start of a large 400m3 pour the site compressor developed a problem and production stopped. . The ops team tried to hire a replacement but none were available.  Graeme stepped in off his own bat and sourced a compressor from a local contact.  Unfortunately we did not have an account with the company so Graeme paid with his own credit card.  Thank you Graeme for your total commitment to keeping the customer happy and working to solve the issues.

Lee Cattell – Cannock Plant Supervisor for Readymix Central.  Lee started work at 5.45am and finished at 9pm twice, to ensure that the supply to a customer was the best that we could offer.  He is also selling the eggs from his site chickens for the Stroke Society!  Thank you Lee for your dedication to our customers and innovative way to raise money.

Thomas Jefferies and Andy Parkes – Relief Plant Supervisor, Readymix Central.  For RMS support as superusers.   Both these guys have given that extra mile in making sure the plants were fully supported when they were on site and when they weren’t. They put themselves out during the long months while RMS was being implemented. Never once did we hear from them that they were stressed or couldn’t cope, they knuckled down and just got on with it.

Paul Dale and the Asphalt team at Stoke.  Going above and beyond to service customers out of hours.  They always say ‘yes’ to working nights or weekends.  Paul and the staff heard that our sister plant Bletchley had no pellets to mix a New VAAS Product. ..Paul rang to say his plant had the pellets and they would step in and cover this delivery.

The lads also let the commercial team know of new customers’ names who collected from Stoke plant when our competitor had broken down.  The commercial team pursued this and have actually convinced five customers to start using us at Stoke.  This is the first time this has happened and we are now asking all our plants to do the same.

Elizabeth Simmons, next day planner Asphalt.  She demonstrated great Customer Service for the Asphalt business in the Yorkshire & Humberside region while covering colleague’s holidays and an increase demand for our products during the “mad March” period.  Customers were kept informed about planned work and Elizabeth contacted the customer (call Bob) if there were any expected delays in supply.

Dave Sands and Paul Edwards, site manager and engineer at Ellesmere port Asphalt.   Ellesmere Port Asphalt Plant was operating on a nightshift supplying customer NMC surfacing. The site had worked approximately a 12-13 hour nightshift. Towards the end of the nightshift Dave and Paul spotted an issue on the drier wheel and made the decision to repair it to ensure the day shift could carry on and supply the day’s tonnage.

Dave and Paul started the repair at 4:30am and completed the work to ensure the mornings work remained unaffected  – remaining on site for almost 16 hours in total. Whilst completing the repair the customer NMC called to say they required another 8 tonne to be supplied. Dave called a local hauler and secured a day shift vehicle to complete the customer’s order at 6:30 am.