Team Talk Questions – Answered!

Last week we answered some of the Health and Safety questions that were asked at the Team Talks.  This week we asked Stuart Keighley to answer your CEMEX Go questions:

  • How will 24/7 functionality impact CSCs – is there expectation of staff covering evenings and weekends? What does it mean for employees? 

As use of our Digital Tools picks up we will need to review the times that the Customer contacts us. Like our own activity On Line it is no longer restricted to traditional office hours so we need to ascertain how we can best serve the Customer when they need help. This may mean looking at shifts to extend the cover we provide.

  • CXGo implementation team is predominantly RMX – any plans to add people with knowledge of other products? 

The Core Deployment Team in the UK has representation for all the businesses. As we near deployment we are looking at extending support from the business.

  • Will we get a discount on CXGo? 

CEMEX Go is for Customers. There is no plan for discounts however if we want to incentivise use of the Digital Tools we can look at reward schemes in future.

  • How will stocks be managed against CXGo orders to ensure we don’t let customers down? 

As we launch the first versions of CEMEX Go, Customer Orders are requests for our services which we will validate and confirm back to Customers. In time the system will allow Customers to ‘book materials and times’ which means we need to have supporting systems to check inventory and deliver capacity.

  • Put CEMEX Go stickers on all our company vehicles to promote the launch & capabilities. 

This is a great idea and one we are considering increasing awareness of the new Tools.

  • What are plans for encouraging customers to adopt CEMEX Go – just as important to them as to employees? 

We have engagement plans based on profiles of our Customers and will consider rewards if we feel it appropriate to accelerate adoption. All new technologies are slow to gain early adoption and we should not be unduly worried about this in the first few months.

  • How will CXGo be ‘disruptive’ – unclear on this, although I can see how it will make us easier to do business with 

It’s disruptive in the sense that others in our Industry do not have an end to end Digital Solution. It means we will change the way our old-fashioned industry works with pencil and paper and drive the use of digital technology.

  • Will CXGo customers be notified who their local rep is? 

Customer should already know their Local Representative however where this is not the case we will make sure we map Customers we are Registering to their Commercial Contact.

  • Will there be training and support for the new devices? 

There is a wealth of on line training and Instructor Led Classroom training for new users. Customers will have support available through our Customer Care Team at Rugby.