Team Talk Questions Answered…..

At the recent team talks there were lots of written questions submitted for answers. We will endeavour to answer them all over the coming weeks.  Here is a selection of the Health & Safety questions you had:

It was refuted that there was pressure to get the job done, however, pressure is not always verbalised.

It’s very true that pressure isn’t always explicit and can come from different sources, including both line managers and peers.  We are very clear that nothing should come before anyone’s Health and Safety and continue to emphasis that we need to take the time to STOP, THINK & CHECK before starting any new task to ensure all necessary precautions are in place and it is safe to proceed.

Can Managers from other divisions audit other sites to share ideas and best practice – ONE CEMEX?

This is something that has been supported in the past, either through formal audit processes, or cross over VFL visits.  Where it is felt that this would be beneficial, it should be proposed via the line management.

FIRST FIVE SECONDS’ – suggested slogan for new Stop and Think campaign

We have started to expand the STOP & THINK message to highlight the importance to CHECK everything is safe before starting a new task…adding another slogan could lead to dilution and confusion.

Ensure tools are signed in for and Worksafe required before issue

Sites should have lists of authorised users for tools and equipment; good practice is to have robust controls over the use of tools.  It should be made clear when Worksafe assessments are required, which include all none routine or maintenance tasks and any contracted works on operational sites.