Team Talks Follow Up…… Answers To Questions Left On Tables

Thanks again to all who attended our 2018 Team Talk events at the end January.

Some 50 questions were left on tables which may not have been fully answered, so we have collated these and obtained the answers.

In this first of weekly Q & A updates in UK News UK Supply Chain Director, Dave Hart, answers questions regarding Logistics:

Question – New trucks bought but no consultation – they are too low and only one drive axle – struggle when leaving highway

Answer – We have a vehicle specification group which includes driver representatives In fact prior to the most recent fleet replacement we undertook a survey of the drivers based at the depot and used the output in the decision making process.

Q – One year since logistics team moved to Czech Republic – has this been commercially beneficial to CX and the hauliers?

A – The team in Prague have settled into their new roles and we are seeing the benefits.

Q – We need to have the correct trucks in the correct areas of the country e.g. Norfolk Suffolk – recycling trucks but not really needed

A – These trucks are based here as historically we had secured contracts in Norfolk and Suffolk based around us removing the muck away before delivering new material. This work is currently not available in this region and doesn’t occur elsewhere in the UK. However if we were to secure some outside of this region we would actively seek to relocate them. As it is they will remain in this area and it is unlikely we will procure vehicles of this type in the future.

Q – Why are the new aggs artic trailers not up to standard, ill thought-out and not fit for purpose? Access at rear more dangerous – entry in crouched position due to height. How do you track a vehicle that spends more time in the garage than on the road?

A – The feedback we have received regarding these new trailers from the drivers has been extremely positive so this one piece of feedback was a surprise.  We have traced it to issues with one trailer in South West which the supplier has been unable to diagnose so they have agreed to a complete strip down of the trailer to  due to understand the root cause and we have informed the driver accordingly.

The new trailers were designed in mind of the HSE’s drive to eliminate risk of working at height and the door design and access is the same as all the walking floor trailers currently in use in the UK which eliminates the need to climb up a side ladder and over the of the trailer and down a set of internal steps.