Terrorism Update

The UK Terrorist Threat Level has been continually assessed as SEVERE since March 2009; this means a terrorist attack is highly likely. The UK’s Senior Counter Terrorism Police leader has publicly stated he anticipates this threat assessment to remain at SEVERE for as long as five more years. MI5 and UK Police recently publicised figures suggesting 17 UK based terror plots have been foiled since the Westminster attack in March 2017, 650 active targets were under investigation and a total of 20,000 terror related subjects of concern were known in the UK.

There is no assessment of a direct terrorist threat to CEMEX or our employees. Like all UK citizens however, there can be no room for complacency and colleagues are encouraged to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious.

The means of terrorist attacks continues to remain varied from the sophisticated to the relatively simple to plan and carry out.  Vehicles remain a popular means through which terrorists deliver a terror attack. CEMEX vehicles in the wrong hands could be utilised as such and drivers are directed to continue to exercise caution in relation to their cab security.

In parallel to the potential misuse of vehicles, firearms remain a significant means of delivery for would be terrorists. The UK Government ‘Run, Hide and Tell’ campaign remains the preferred advice to all citizens. Sadly, exposure to a firearms attack could happen to anyone at any time, particularly in crowded places and public events. Staff are encouraged to take time to watch HMG’s video briefing and consider the advice accordingly. (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/stay-safe-film)

Recently, authorities have released First Aid advice specific to the treatment of victims of a terror attack. There are significant deviations to the usual means of treatment, linked directly to the nature of the attack. First Aiders in particular, are encouraged to take time to view the briefing document in the download section of the UK News website.  If you are interested in doing a first aid course outside of work, search www.sja.org.uk for St John’s Ambulance courses and units near your home.

Staff are reminded there is no determination of a direct threat to CEMEX or its employees. Vigilance and awareness however, remains a matter of best practice for us all.