Thanks for Filling in the Survey

We would like to thank the 2,076 employees who completed the 2015 Employee Engagement Survey.

All the surveys are currently with Kenexa and will be analysed over the next couple of months. We expect to get the reports in early December and as soon as we can we will start cascading the results through the organisation.

We will use your feedback to highlight areas for improvement which will form the Action Plans for 2016. We are still working on the ongoing Action Plans that we put in place following the last survey and will continue to keep updating you with the results.

Your feedback is very important to us and I would reiterate again that all the results are confidential which means that we are never informed how an individual has responded to the survey.

We will be making the donations to our 3 appointed charities: Help for Heroes, RSPB and NSPCC, each will receive £692.

Thank you once again for your support for the survey.