Thanks for your Effort Nominees

Dave Kaye isn’t the only one who has been going the extra 100 miles this month for our business, also nominated were:

Lucy Birch – National Sales Admin Team Leader RMX in Rugby. Lucy has worked tirelessly to reduce a backlog of invoice queries worth £200k down to £40k.  She has remained calm, pleasant and extremely helpful.

Marcus Bedford – Team Leader RMX and Mortars Leeds.  Marcus stayed behind until 9pm after work one day to help fix a gearbox on the plants feed conveyor without it the plant couldn’t serve its customers the next day.

John Parker – Regional Fleet and Maintenance Manager RMX NE – John stepped in on an VFL when two sheeters in a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) hadn’t clipped their harnesses into the basket of the MEWP.  They assured him they wouldn’t be so stupid again.  John then checked on them half an hour later and both had unclipped themselves.  John immediately banned them off site and contacted their line manager.  Even though it put the job back this could have stopped a fatality or serious injury.

Brian Goldsmith, Tony Coleman, Andrew Gibson, T Jennings, S Ebblewhite and all the IHC’s – RMX Hartlepool – The team had a very challenging pour as numerous issues threatened to stop the pour, But everyone involved resolved any issues thrown at them and kept the customer informed. Together they completed the pour through sheer determination and collaboration and were still in a good mood at the end of the day.

Andrew Chennells – RMX shipper – Mortar and Screed Southern – Andrew received glowing feedback from a customer who talked at length of how Andrew was proactive calling the customer regularly to keep them updated and even to offer delivery slots on days when other customers had cancelled helping speed up their programme.

Luke Corbett – RMX IHC – London – whilst delivering to a site Luke noticed an inexperienced person driving a dumper truck, he stepped in and refused to let the driver unload his vehicle.  The site manager thanked Luke for bringing this to his attention.  Luke also called the main CEMEX office to ask for an email to be sent to all drivers so they could be extra vigilant on this site.

Martin Vann – RMX London – After the break down of a pulley at the RMX plant in Whisby, Martin was helping fix it on a Saturday.  the part wouldn’t arrive in time so Martin arranged for it to be delivered to his home address at 4pm and then went into the plant on Sunday morning to fit the pulley so the plant was ready for production on the Monday.

Thank you to all of these people for going the extra mile to keep our business on track.  We have some truely great people working with us!