Thanks For Your Effort Too….

Last month there were only three other nominations for the £100 voucher award they were:

Jon Lafferty and Mark Penny from RMX Northern Valuemix Team – who stepped into the breach to deliver the final loads from IHC trucks for Salford Plant when a job ran over time and the regular driver’s duty time was up. They worked until 9pm to finish the pour.

Lucy Birch and Hannah Davis, Team Leader and Senior Sales Administrator, National Readymix – who worked tirelessly to reduce invoice query levels since the summer of 2015. They have given our key mortar and screed customers confidence in our sales administration and have brought structure to our query resolving processes.  They have had nothing but praise from customers and colleagues and deserve recognition for their outstanding efforts.

Eileen Badger, Sean Panks, Andrew Bridgewater, Steve Harper, Andrew Cox and Steve Taylor from Sheffield Coating Plant – the whole Team worked amazingly well together when a collect customer became unwell after having a suspected heart attack whilst at the wheel.  The Team treated the customer on site and called the emergency services who took the casualty to hospital where he is recovering well.  The customer and his company are extremely grateful to our staff for looking after him so professionally.

Do you know of anyone who has gone over and above the call of duty at work and deserves recognition?  If so you can nominate them for a Thanks For Your Effort award by emailing Liz Burns in HR – elizabeth.burns@cemex.com