Thanks For Your Effort Too

It’s not just Adam who is the hero this month.  Here are the great stories from the other nominees all of them demonstrating colleagues going above and beyond to keep our business on track:

Steven Darvill, Plant Supervisor, RMX Northern Cluster 6.  Steven followed our ‘Call Bob’ guidelines by literally ringing a customer called Bob to check if they were happy with our service. Steven noticed that the customer hadn’t come back for more product after our initial supply.  He found out that the customer had a problem whilst putting the road in but would be back to us shortly.  The customer thanked Steve for being so proactive.

James Halfpenny, Edith Heggie, Archibald Orr, Tom Hunter, Blair Mclennan, Lucy Birch and Query Team.  Readymix Scotland and the National Query Team have demonstrated a commitment to reduce outstanding queries from a peak in December 2015 of approaching £200k to below £20k in May. This has required collaboration across the Team, commitment to addressing customer issues quickly and improving process to reduce query creation.

Nicola Drabble, Rail Co-Ordinator, Aggregates.  Dove Holes Rail suffered a major setback when a derailment just outside the Quarry sidings resulted in a greatly reduced train capability for 5 days including 36 hours of no trains at all.  Nicola, as Coordinator, took control of managing the situation from CEMEX’s perspective including lots of Out of Hours contact with our freight provider, DB Cargo, to make sure all parties were kept informed of the situation and that those trains which could run went to the priority locations with the right products.

Danielle Allen, Internal Sales Rep, Aggs and Asphalt in Rugby. Danielle trained the Sales Reps in a new Asphalt Pricing Tool.  During the session she kept the audience thoroughly engaged.  She encouraged audience feedback and challenges which ensured the key messages were delivered and understood.

Colin Conman, IHC Readymix Northern, Leeds.  Colin was working out of Hull which had 250m3 of concrete to produce that day.  When the belts snapped on the radial conveyor this was promptly fixed and we started working again.   After another hour the belts snapped again with no other spares and our suppliers were saying they couldn’t get us any until the next day. Colin stepped in and said he would go to one of his suppliers who were 2 minutes away to try and get some. Colin was back within 10 minutes with replacements and saved the day – Being best for our customers. 

Phillip Hutchinson, Danielle Allen and Barinder Sandhu – Asphalt. In order to extract maximum value for our products the Asphalt business led by Brin, Phil and Danielle, have improved the Asphalt Pricing Tool. It now reflects the CEMEX global segments, payment behaviour, customer size and contract attractiveness. After several months of adjustments and testing the tool it was then ready to be presented to the Asphalt Commercial Team.