Thanks For Your Effort Winner….

Congratulations to the team from Readymix East Anglia, March’s winners of Thanks For Your Effort, with over 90% of the vote. They were recognised for stepping in quickly and competently to help an injured third party on a neighbouring site.

The winning team was made up of: Philip Moore (Ops Manager), Mark Wilkin (Readymix Plant Manager) and Tracey Selwyn (Maintenance Planner).

At around 7.30am on Monday 18th February Mark Wilkin (Colchester Plant Manager) noticed our neighbours, Spartan Tiles, working on a conveyor which was running with the guarding removed from the bottom end. Mark stepped in and reminded them of how unsafe this was, and he shouldn’t be working on running machinery that isn’t guarded.

At around 11.00am while Phil Moore (Ops Manager) was sat at his desk a series of screams and yells outside grabbed his attention. He looked out of the window to see a guy struggling free from the bottom end of the conveyor. He went out of the office and over the fence, along with Mark from the Readymix plant, as the guy had freed himself and was stumbling around clearly in agony holding his left arm. They supported him and sat him down while instructing his colleague to call for the emergency services. Phil leaned the guy against him and sat him in the ‘W’ position as advised in his First Aid Training for potential shock victims. His left arm was mainly immobile, but he was able to move his fingers slightly. They sourced some coats and blankets to help support the affected arm from our site while monitoring the guy. A foil blanket we had at the plant was wrapped around him to help keep him warm.

The emergency services called back and asked Mark to carry out a few tests on the casualty, such as squeezing of the finger tips to test circulation, comparing colour of both hands, and removal of any jewellery (a wedding ring was removed which was handed to the Paramedics on arrival). To carry out these tasks they had to cut clothing (which was already ripped) and cut the glove to remove it on the advice of the emergency services on the call.

They continued to support the injured party, and he requested to lay down on his right-hand side and rest his injured arm on his side which made him more comfortable until the Air Ambulance, as well as the first response and ambulance teams turned up and took over. Tracey Selwyn was also assisting in the situation by getting the first aid kit, coats, foil and normal blankets as and when requested from the Readymix plant as it seemed Spartan Tiles either didn’t have or didn’t know where to find them on site. As they were urgently needed Tracey used our own to ensure the injured party was made as comfortable as possible.