Thanks For Your Effort Winner For April Is…..

Steve Smith, Multi Skilled Operative, Stourton Coating Plant.  We work with some great people in CEMEX UK and here is another example of one of them. 

Stourton faced a crisis when a combination of annual leave, honeymoons, hospital appointments and sickness decimated staff levels. Steve was on holiday but when he heard of the plight he cut short his holiday and came in to operate the Asphalt Plant on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Steve’s actions ensured that the production of Asphalt continued and the service to customers was not affected.

Jason Barker and John Beard from Stourton Plant commented: “This isn’t the first time by any means that Steve has gone above and beyond, and is another example of the great commitment the staff have here at Stourton – ‘Enthusiasm, Attitude and Pride’. This is over and beyond what was expected.”

Thank you Steve and congratulations on winning the store vouchers for this month.