Thanks For Your Effort Winners For June Are….

Wayne Staves, Peter Jackson, Kevin McGrory, Jared Jackson and Steve Darley from our Southern Ferriby Cement Plant. 

Wayne Staves (Production Team Leader) and his Team were confronted with a very serious fire on top of the raw mill furnace on Friday 15th June. This was identified on CCTV by Pete Jackson (Process Operator). The Team reacted extremely professionally under taxing conditions and decided quickly and rightly to stop both raw mills and to inform the emergency services (fire).

They stopped the supply of gas and diesel to the raw mill before proceeding to tackle the fire with fire extinguishers. The emergency services arrived shortly afterwards and checked the already extinguished fire. Emergency Services left the site satisfied the fire had been dealt with and provided positive feedback on the way the matter had been managed.

(The furnace is heated using a mixture of fine coal (pulverized) and diesel during normal operation, with a propane flame for initial combustion. The purpose of the furnace is to provide hot air to dry the raw materials in the raw mill).