The Supply Chain Academy Is Coming!

The Supply Chain Academy has been designed to promote consistent behaviours and practices throughout the CEMEX Supply Chain. The Supply Chain Global Network, Senior Managers and OHR in all geographic areas and functions have been involved in bringing this vision to life. The Foundations course is the introduction stage and it truly serves as the “cornerstone” of this Academy.

During 2018 the Academy will be rolled out to the UK audience of Directors, Managers and other individuals involved in the Supply Chain and in the two day course, participants will experience a highly interactive and meaningful learning process.

This will include:

  • The way in which CEMEX defines its supply chain process and the mindset we want to promote on it.
  • How supply chain activities support broader business objectives of CEMEX.
  • How you and your colleagues can work together effectively to serve our customers and handle deviations of the plan.
  • Being aware of the objectives, activities and key challenges in the functional areas that are involved in the supply chain process.

The Supply Chain Academy will be a great opportunity for us all to improve how we work together – look out for your invitation!