The Winners Of The February Thanks For Your Effort Award Are…

Gareth Carr and Karl Woolf from Readymix Cluster 20. 

This month’s winners and nominees again demonstrate what a fantastic Team CEMEX UK is and that we work with some really exceptional people.  Thank you to everyone nominated for this month’s award.

Great commitment was shown to the company by Karl and Gareth during a large pour for a key customer. Gareth batched 427m3 of concrete in a day, starting at 4am and leaving the Plant at 6.20pm. This was a tremendous effort for what was a very important 630m3 pour for the Cardiff Plant as part of a large contract with 4D structures from London. Gareth kept going all day long and communicated well with site as well as fellow colleagues in order to ensure that stocks were full, and there were no interruptions to the job. This was the most concrete batched by the Plant in a single day.

At the end of the pour the customer had under-measured the site and needed an extra 2m3 of concrete to finish the pour. The Plant had been closed and a Batcher was needed to batch the last 2m3 of concrete. Without any hesitation Karl went out of his way to go back to the Plant and finish the job. If he had not it could have left CEMEX in a very difficult position with the customer on a very important job. Karl had also been working since 4am and arrived at the Plant to finish the job at 6.45pm.