These People Are Great Too…..

It’s not only Robert who has been going above and beyond last month.  There are some other colleagues who have shone out as well.  We continue to be amazed and grateful for our outstanding colleague’s commitment and effort.   Our thanks go to:

The whole of Denge Quarry team:  The team at Denge Quarry have been going the extra mile working with contractors to get the new wharf and water working underway.  We are working with Thames Shipping to transport 150,000 tonnes of material from the excavation lake to the Plant working area for CEMEX to process. This is going to extend the life of the Quarry by 8-10 years. Dave McCauley and the team have taken on extra duties to get the new project underway as well as keeping business as usual going.

Amy Bunt, Transport Planner, Aggs Supply Chain.  Amy went the extra mile in residing in Scotland to help the new Aggregates Orders Office get up and running single handedly.  Through Amy’s dedication the new team members in Uddingston Planning Office have ‘hit the ground running’ and had a very successful start.

Carl Milton, Regional Logistics Manager, Logistics.  This is the second year running that Carl has prepared a CEMEX UK wide Health & Safety campaign.  Following on from last year’s Seatbelt Awareness campaign, Carl organised this year’s Mobile Phone Awareness Campaign – “leave the phone alone…” Carl worked tirelessly in the lead up to the campaign to ensure that materials were ready and distributed to all parts of our business.

The Crew of the Sand Fulmar (including Tony Surey, Master; Ben Manfield, Chief Engineer; Matt Ghesari, Chief Mate and Karen Toye, 2nd Mate) – for their innovative approach to communicating safety on board.  They produced crew t-shirts showing our 12 Health & Safety essentials.  They also produced an excellent short video demonstrating the importance of managing confined space entry.

Steve Taylor, Eileen Badger and Sean Panks from Sheffield Aggregates Depot. During October Steve, Sean and Eileen showed commitment and dedication working together to prove the customer, Hunts Contractors, with 8,000T of Neogem Sports over three weeks.  The order was initially for 5,000T gradually increased to 8,000T. They took control of the situation, organised the vehicles, liaised with site, organised additional trains and moved stock around to accommodate the order.  The customer appreciated everyones efforts to ensure we didn’t let them down.

Steve Riddell, Transport Planner, Aggs and Asphalt.  As part of Project Comet to align our three CSCs, Stuart was asked to develop one standard Aggs Planning Spreadsheet under one standard for all three offices.  Stuart did the task with amazing dedication.  He also spent some of his own time to do it ensuring the task was done quickly to fit in with project timelines.  His ‘can do’ attitude to a task that was a big ‘ask’ alongside his busy day job was outstanding.

Ian Ritchings, Agency CEMEX company lorry driver, Wickwar Quarry.  Ian demonstrated great product quality awareness and his actions may have resulted in CEMEX not having an external complaint or claim to deal with. A load of Type 1 was loaded onto his truck and he took the material to a customer’s site. Whilst tipping the load he noticed pieces of tarmac amongst it. He parked his vehicle safely and removed the offending tarmac, brought it back to site and reported to a member of the management team. The internal investigation identified that when cleaning out the asphalt plant tarmac had stuck to the side of the bucket and this must have come free when digging into the Type 1.  This message was relayed to the shovel operator team to avoid it happening in future loads.

Melissa Whitby, Supply Chain Planner, Preston Brooke. During November the Planning Team received the final critical fixes and improvements to the Order Fulfillment System from the Task Force assigned from Monterrey shortly before the Task Force Team is due to be disbanded. It was critical that these items were tested by the business prior to implementation. With the usual support team seconded to Prague we needed super-users to step up to the mark and do the testing thoroughly, quickly and professionally. Although not her usual role Mel, in particular, showed a very professional and organised approach by carrying out the tests, feeding back to the team and re-testing as needed. She also kept everyone well informed of progress.