UK Communications Forum Annual Meeting

The annual UK Communications Forum meeting was held at Rugby over two days on 3rd and 4th September.  It was attended by the following representatives:

It was attended by the following representatives:


Name Job Title Representing
Darrell Collins Lead Driver Cement Logistics
Dave Godfrey-Eaton Reliability Senior Technician Cement Operations
Jack Errington Sales Executive Readymix & Mortars Northern
Tom Hunter Sales Executive Readymix & Mortars Scotland
Peter Hawker Operations Manager Readymix & Mortars Southern
James Taylor Sales Executive Readymix & Mortars Central
Paul Whyte Fitter Aggregates & Logistics
Jeffrey Sewell Sales Representative Aggregates & Logistics
Graham Osman Senior Negotiator Marine
Andrew Raeburn Plant Manager Asphalt & Paving Solutions
Sonny Netto Production Supervisor Building Products & Cement Commercial
Tahir Rashid UK Tax Advisor UK Services


The purpose of the UK Communications Forum is to enable clear two-way communication between representatives from local business unit Communications Forums and the UK Leadership Team. Once a year they meet over two days to enable:

  • a clear briefing from our Country President, VPs and directors on all areas of CEMEX UK strategy and performance, and
  • an open Questions & Answers session, with questions of a national interest from employees brought to the Forum by the representatives

The Forum this year was lively and very engaging, with representatives saying it was one of the best they had attended. There were presentations from Michel Andre, Vice Presidents and Directors covering most aspects of our business, focusing on key issues and performance for all our stakeholders.

The open sessions as usual enabled clear answers to be provided on questions affecting the business nationally. More detailed feedback will follow to enable representatives to go back to their colleagues with a clearer picture of our business for this year and next year.

CEMEX UK sends four representatives to the CEMEX European Consultative Committee – the three existing are Sonny Netto, Paul Whyte and Andrew Raeburn, and Jeff Sewell was voted in to be the fourth person as this position was vacant.

Jill Delaney, Planning & Development Director UK & Europe commented ‘The Communications Forums are key to promoting discussions on various business and employee matters. Our representatives attending the UK and regional forums play critical roles, in putting forward the views of their constituents and passing back the messages