We can be heroes… Thanks for your Effort Spring nominees

We work with some great people.

We are often too ready to moan about things so it’s great when we take stock and realise that we work with some really fantastic people.

There have been some brilliant examples of teamwork and commitment in this batch of Thanks for your Effort nominees and they all deserve a mention so here goes. Thanks to:

Mike Sheldrake for stepping in as temporary plant manager and keeping the Watford RMX plant and team going after the tragic death of Colin Wilson. He has been fantastic.

Mick Ripley who stepped in at the last moment to deliver Customer Focus training at Shap and then at Halkyn at very short notice. Teaching himself the presentation and setting up for the day. The presentation was excellent.

Celaine Cave, Claire Lomax, Lynsey Smith based at the Rugby Office, for your shift fundraising for paint your face funny for money. £2769.44 raised! Well done for your wacky idea and for encouraging people to use SHIFT.

James Taylor and Darren Hunt RMX Cluster 15 for being value added solutions champions. both of them showed amazing leadership and passion for customer service when between them they had the confidence and knowledge to give a customer the permatite solution they needed.

Steve Gatfield sales manager cluster 15 for stepping up to the mark and driving the value added products drive in central region. He shows great leadership, collaboration and communication skills. Thanks Steve.

Adam Coop and Stuart Glover maintenance team lead and deputy at Rugby Cement Plant – they showed amazing creativity and engineering skills when asked to solve a bucket elevator problem that there was no solution for in the market. They created a way of isolating the elevator system to prevent accidents (as happened in Mexico causing a fatality). They designed, tested and then built the new system which is now in place in Mill 5 at Rugby. Wow….

Terry Howell truck mixer driver Hull, Terry refused to deliver his load until the nylon lifting strop holding a skip to a crane was changed. Terry felt the original strop was unsafe to use to hold the skip full of RMX so he insisted it was changed to a chain one. This inconvenienced the customer and Terry as the deliver took twice as long, but he was happy to do so as it meant everyone was kept safe. Nice one Terry.