We’re Listening….UK Communications Forum Held

On the 7th and 8th September we held the UK Communications Forums. 14 employee representatives from around the country spent 2 days listening to presentations from Jesus Gonzalez, the Operational VPs and various other speakers that covered among other topics Health and Safety, Customer Focus, Sustainability, Employee Engagement and Pensions as well as having ample opportunity to ask questions that arose from the presentations as well as during the open forum being able to pose the questions that their constituents had asked them to raise.

Copies of the presentations and the Questions and Answers will be given to the employee representatives to cascade through their local forums and they will also be uploaded to Shift.

As part of the Communications Forum we also conducted a ballot to elect 2 more representatives to go to the European Consultative Committee that is held each year. This year it is in Vienna on 22nd – 23rd  September. Our new representatives are Ian Horstwood from Cement Operations in South Ferriby and Sonny Netto from Rail Solutions. They will join our two existing representatives: Mark Renshaw from Readymix Northern and Tom Hunter from Readymix Scotland.

The UK Communications Forum enables the employee representatives and the management team to discuss issues that are concerning your constituents and it allows us to share important information and messages through to the local forums.