What Is The European Consultative Committee?

The ECC is a European wide meeting for employee reps to attend from across CEMEX’s European countries.  Voices into Actions resizedThey discuss CEMEX business and issues such as Health & Safety – and are given presentations from Senior Managers from the region.  If you ever wondered what it was like to go to a meeting here is a summary from Sonny Netto who is one of the UK Comms Forum reps who attends:

“Hi all, my name is Sonny Netto, Production Foreman for Rail Solutions in Washwood Heath. I am one of the four representatives from the UK who recently attended the ECC meeting in Madrid. The meeting was held over two days and was chaired by Derek O’Donnell, Regional VP for HR Europe.

Interpreters were provided and they did a great job of translating the meeting in to everybody’s language. Part of the first day was used for discussions between the employee representatives from the various countries that were represented which included Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia and the UK. Some really valid points were brought to the table and discussed at length.

We were then given Business Performance presentations from various VPs and the European President, Jaime Elizondo.

The meeting was very open and informative with questions invited and answered after each presentation; there was also an open forum for questions on the second day.  In the evening we were  given a coach tour of Madrid taking in the most famous sites of the city (even a glimpse of Real Madrid’s stadium the Bernabeu) before sitting down for a meal where we made great use of the interpreters to get to know and  share information with the other European delegates.

It was a great experience and we shared and gained a lot of information regarding Health and safety, business performance, country specific initiatives and CEMEX’s visions for the future.

I would urge anybody who has the chance to attend any future ECC meetings or any communication forums to do so as I found it to be a very rewarding experience and a great way to learn, share information and give and receive feedback from the business.”