What To Do? Commercial Academy Next Steps!

The 16th and17th November marked an important milestone in Commercial Academy plans for CEMEX.  A two day workshop was held in Thorpe to allow commercial leaders from across Europe to experience firsthand the delivery of the next module in the Commercial Academy; the ‘WHAT TO DO’ module.

Delegates from Germany, France, Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic and UK were taken through the module by Tom Sheffield, Readymix General Manager for Atlanta, CX USA, and Kurt Cowdery, Aggregates Trading & Value Added Solutions Manager at CX UK.  Carlos Delgado Conde, Commercial Academy Leader OHR Mexico, and Stuart Keighley, National Commercial and Customer Service Director UK, were also in attendance to provide both global and local context.

The workshop also allowed the attendees to learn from the experiences of the deliveries already started in the USA as they begin to prepare for delivery in their home countries.

Kurt Cowdery commented: “It was an excellent workshop engaging, challenging and constructive. The What to Do module covers 4 key sectors: market environment sales & territory planning, execution and tracking. By training our sales force to understand, manage and review these sectors we will be much better placed to achieve our goals.”

 Mark Owen, National Commercial Manager, commented:  “This is the next stage of training in the CEMEX Commercial Choices Blueprint for all our customer facing teams, helping them to be the best in class and deliver our objectives.

The two day workshops were truly engaging, thought provoking and educational – I am proud to be part of the team that will deliver this to the UK.”

 For the UK the roll out of the training will begin early in 2017 so those in commercial roles can expect to receive an invitation to attend this WHAT TO DO training nearer the date.