Future in Action

Future in Action

2 Million Tonnes By Rail so far…

It is fantastic to share with you that we safely loaded and delivered the 2 millionth tonne of aggregates by rail last Friday – 10th September – close to a month FASTER than 2020.

Dave Hart commented: “This amazing performance is only achievable through the close collaboration between the Materials, Urban Solutions and Supply Chain Rail teams.  Special thanks to the Dove Holes rail team and Nicola Drabble, Tracey Millen, and Nick Watson who like to break records!

It is remarkable to think that these 2 million tonnes have resulted in a reduction of 100,000 road movements the equivalent of 14kt of CO2; highlighting that the real winner is the environment.

Thanks to everyone involved in this achievement which is aligned with our Future in Action strategy to reduce CO2 and use more sustainable forms of transport.”